Table Truss System

(Formerly Alumalite Truss System)


The Aluma Flying Form Truss System was developed for the specific purpose of cutting construction cycle times, reducing labor costs and improving productivity on buildings that have repetitive floor plans.

Instead of using the traditional handset frame and cross brace systems, The Aluma truss system enables flying forms to be constructed using the range of versatile truss components together with Aluma Beams ®. These forms are assembled only once and are re-used floor-by-floor, avoiding the need for costly dismantling and re-assembly of the forms as each floor is constructed.

The Aluma Truss System offers substantial savings in set-up and stripping time compared with handset shoring systems. When used with Aluma Beams ® and the range of adjustment and handling accessories, this system gives the outstanding performance needed for today’s high speed construction methods. The Aluma flying Form Truss system can be designed to accommodate most structural configurations.


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