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Dimension-all began in 1976 as the first supplier of system formworks and scaffoldings to the Philippine market. The company carried Coffral and Staflex equipment and began by supplying such notable projects as the La Mesa and Magat Dams and the Metro Plaza Makati buildings.

The 80’s saw the company supplying Alimall Cubao, SM North Edsa, ADB Ortigas, GSIS (main) , and Purefoods Plants Baung Batangas projects. Through the 90’s, we continued our relationships with contractors such as MDC, DDTKI, CE Construction, EEI Corp., Monolith Construction DATEM and HILMARC’S

In 2003, we began our partnership with Aluma Systems of Canada and are now their sole distributor for the Philippines. Systems has a commitment to innovation and excellence that is seen in their Table and Truss offerings for vertical construction and their Aluma Frame system for heavy infrastructure.

In August 2015, Dimension-all Inc. became a subsidiary and the sixth Asian member of the SRG Group of Companies, a Japan based formworks and shoring company listed in the Japan Stock Exchange, with factories and offices based in Japan, Vietnam, Korea , Myanmar ,Thailand and the Philippines.

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